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COVID-19: On-Site Training Update

Thank you for your interest in our Safe-Tech C-19 Lift Truck Cleaning checklist for shared equipment. (Several other Powered Equipment Cleaning checklists are available and custom forms created upon request).


DOWNLOAD HERE:  Safe-Tech C-19 Lift Truck Cleaning Checklist


Below are some points to consider when implementing equipment cleaning procedures.

  • Equipment should typically be cleaned* by each new user prior to operating
  • Limit specific equipment operation to as few operators as practical
  • Set up cleaning stations in designated parking areas or mount cleaning kits on vehicle
  • To best determine what and where to clean we recommend the following: Observe operator(s) conduct a thorough pre-shift inspection and note all areas/components touched during the procedure and during the entry, operation/travel and exit of the vehicle. When applicable battery charging/changing, fueling/fuel tank retrieval/storage and adjustment/installation of forks or attachments should also be observed to determine the commonly touched surfaces specific to your operation.

*While most disinfectants will work against corona virus, the attached link provides Health Canada's most current  list of hard-surface disinfectants supported by evidence demonstrating a likely effectiveness against COVID-19.


Monitoring the situation  

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