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Updated Safety Protocols

As a safety training provider, Safe-Tech is here to assist you to meet your training requirements.  Please be assured that our instructors will strictly adhere to your internal safety protocols and public health bylaws to help contain the spread of COVID-19.


Below is some information on the changes, requirements, and safety provisions we have in place to conduct training during the COVID-19 Pandemic.


Onsite Training:


At this time, there is no restriction as to the number of participants we can train at your facility providing the seating in the instructional area can accommodate the physical distancing protocol of 6 feet/2 meters. 

Participants will be required to arrive 10-15 ahead of scheduled start time to allow for safety screening.


Participants will be required to bring their own pen, note paper and harnesses and lanyards (where applicable) to classroom training sessions.  


Before we conduct training at your facility, please supply us with your safety protocol 1-2 days prior to the training session.


Offsite (Public) Training:

Offsite (Public) Training is currently offered at our Bolton Training Centre for a maximum of 9 participants. We are pleased to announce that public courses will now also be offered in Zoom format.  Please visit our website ( for a list of upcoming courses and dates.


Participants will be required to arrive 10-15 ahead of scheduled start time to allow for safety screening.


We require all participants to take and pass a written health screening assessment and take a thermal body temperature scan before being permitted entry to the course.  As face masks are mandatory in the Town of Caledon, all participants are required to wear a face mask.  The instructor will have a supply of masks on hand if needed and hand sanitizer is available at several stations.   

Participants will be required to bring their own pen, note paper and harnesses and lanyards (where applicable) to classroom training sessions.  


Please note that lunch will not be provided, and refreshments are limited to bottled water and pre-packaged snack bars at this time.


Practical Training/Testing:

In addition to taking all reasonable safety measures and adhering to the client safety policy, our instructor will take the following safety precautions when conducting one-to-one practical testing/training; 1) wear a face mask at all times and maintain a physical distance of 6 feet or 2 meters whenever possible, 2) wipe down the equipment controls with anti-bacterial wipes and/or spray if requiring access to the equipment 


Virtual Training:

To meet client demand for remote training, Safe-Tech has recently introduced Virtual Training Sessions for the theory portion of our programs.  Virtual training sessions are conducted via the Zoom and MS Teams platforms.  Participants will require a working email account and reliable internet connection.  We can accommodate up to 25 participants for Virtual Training Programs.  As always, the practical component is done on site at your facility using your equipment.  Please refer to the Practical Training/Testing section of this document to review the safety measures.


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Toll free:           (416/877) 410-1855



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